What payment methods are available?

Dear Dahlia online shop accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit/debit card : Visa, Matercard, Maestro, American Express, Bancontact
  • Mobile payment: PayPal, G-pay, Shop-pay
  • Others: SEPA, Klarna, MyBank, Giropay, i-Deal
Can I cancel or change my order?

You can cancel or change your order within two hours of purchase. To cancel/change your order, please follow the steps below.

1. Click the 'View your order' button in your order confirmation email.
2. Select 'Cancel' or 'Edit'.
*Please remember, once an order is cancelled, we cannot undo this. You will need to replace the order yourself.

Please understand that the cancellation or change of an order is only available for the two hours of your order being created, after this 2-hours window, we cannot cancel orders.

Can I change a shade or my free gifts after shipping has occurred?

Due to the system settings, it is not possible to change the shade or promotional gift after shipping. Thank you for understanding.

Can I change my shipping address after shipping has occurred?

Shipping addresses cannot be changed after your order has been shipped. Please check the shipping status by going to My Account and then Order Status. To redirect a package that is already on its way, please contact your selected courier.

When do orders ship?

Orders placed Monday-Friday before 12pm CET will be shipped on the same day.*  Orders placed Monday-Friday after 12pm CET will be shipped the following business day. On average orders take approximately 2-6 business days (depending on the area of the country and peak times) to be delivered. Shipments heading to Extra-Eu regions may experience additional delay due to customs clearance.

What can I do if my package is not delivered?

If in the case that you do not receive your shipment, you should submit a search request or file a claim immediately to the respective courier. Please make sure your address is correct before placing order we will not be responsible for incorrect addresses.

Will I be charged Customs fees?

Since the products of www.deardahlia.eu are being shipped from E.U. countries, depending on your shipping destination, you may have to pay customs duties and taxes that your local customs authority deems appropriate.

Please understand that DEAR DAHLIA doesn't cover any customs duties and taxes claims. In addition, DEAR DAHLIA is not responsible for all orders that are returned for reasons the include unwilling to pay duties/taxes or refused/unclaimed by recipient.

Do you provide gift wrapping services or gift bags?

Gift wrapping services are unavailable for online orders.

    Are your products tested on animals? Also, do you allow animal testing when required by law?

    All of Dear Dahlia's products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We do not perform any type or form of pre or post animal testing or use any form of animal ingredients. We are not required by law to conduct any type of animal testing as we do not export to China.

    Why vegan & cruelty-free?

    Every year, 500,000 animals suffer from animal testing. 1,400 animals are sacrificed for just one ingredient and 622 cochineal insects are used for 1 lipstick. Therefore, numerous animals suffer from the widespread use of animal ingredients. Dear Dahlia is a vegan beauty brand which advocates spending for a good cause without the use of animal ingredients.

    Dear Dahlia believes in timeless beauty — the mindful and sustainable kind that does not take away from our own planet. We stay true to our cause by creating 100% vegan and cruelty-free products without any animal ingredients or animal testing, while taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We will continue offering high-performance cosmetics that are as effective as they are environmentally responsible.

    Is Dear Dahlia certified for its vegan formula or non-animal testing?

    Dear Dahlia is certified as cruelty-free and vegan by PETA. Existing Dear Dahlia products have been certified vegan by the Vegan Society; a globally renowned organization.

    Every time there is a new line of products, we are adding them to be certified vegan.

    What kind of pigment do you use instead of animal ingredients in lipsticks?

    Carmine (extracted from cochineal insects) is a pink/red pigment most frequently used not only in cosmetics but also in food and beverage. It is not a component that can be easily replaced as it provides the red shade that is frequently used in makeup products. However, following our philosophy and core belief of creating cruelty-free makeup products, we have dedicated many years of research to finding plant-derived ingredients and non-toxic, food-grade artificial colorants that are harmless to the human body.

    What kind of glitter do you use instead of animal ingredients?

    Glitter: Makeup companies in general use heavy metals and animal-derived ingredients (e.g. fish scale and shell pearls) to give the powerful shimmery finish. However, following our philosophy and core belief of creating cruelty-free makeup products, Dear Dahlia uses ingredients, such as a natural mineral complex and eco-friendly, biodegradable glitter particles to create Dear Dahlia's unique shine and shimmer.

    Do all products contain natural, organic ingredients?

    Dear Dahlia is a vegan cosmetic brand that creates safe cosmetic products that contain natural, plant-derived ingredients. Our products are formulated with Ecocert, COSMOS, and USDA-certified organic, plant-based ingredients and do not contain any type of animal-derived ingredients.

    Which ingredients are certified by USDA, Ecocert, and COSMOS? Which products contain the certified ingredients?

    Please refer to the Ingredients section on each of the product pages for a detailed ingredient list.

    Are your products gluten-free?

    Dear Dahlia products are gluten-free.

    However, for extremely sensitive skin, we always advise to spot test under the ear or on the underside of the arm before regular use or to consult with your physician before use.

    What kind of preservatives are used instead of parabens?

    Dear Dahlia products use safe preservatives, such as 1,2-hexanediol. Our products are made with an 8-FREE FORMULA (Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalates, Metalloestrogens, Oxybenzone, Synthetic Fragrance, Animal-Derived Ingredients), combined with EWG Green-Grade, ECOCERT, USDA, and COSMOS certified organic ingredients.

    Do Dear Dahlia products contain talc?

    Dear Dahlia uses only safe, asbestos-free talc that is certified by the FDA and is harmless to the human body.

    Do you use synthetic fragrances?

    We do not use synthetic/artificial fragrances. Dear Dahlia’s signature scent is safely formulated with natural essential oils. Our products are made with an 8-FREE FORMULA (Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalates, Metalloestrogens, Oxybenzone, Synthetic Fragrance, Animal-Derived Ingredients), combined with EWG Green-Grade, ECOCERT, USDA, and COSMOS certified organic ingredients.

    Are Dear Dahlia’s patented signature ingredients exclusively used by Dear Dahlia?

    Yes, Dear Dahlia’s patented signature ingredients, such as Dahlia Flower Extract, are exclusively used by us. Dear Dahlia’s Dahlia Flower Extract is patented for its unique extraction method which provides antioxidant benefits.

    Why does my makeup brush have a subtle smell?

    Dear Dahlia's Blooming Brush is made of vegan materials. The handle may have a subtle smell caused by the wood coloring process, but no need to worry since its usability and reliability have been tested for over 6 months. If you feel uncomfortable with the smell, we advise you to place the brush in a well-ventilated area for a few days before use.

    Paradise Shine Eye Sequins smell strong, is this normal?

    The smell of the Paradise Shine Eye Sequins is characteristic of the glitter product, however, it contains harmless vegan glitter and ECOCERT/COSMOS ingredients. For sensitive skin, please apply a small amount of product on your skin in a discreet area, such as the inside of your wrist or your inner arm before applying it to your face. You can check the link below for more details on Paradise Shine Eye Sequins.

    Is Dear Dahlia packaging eco-friendly?

    As a luxury vegan beauty brand, Dear Dahlia seeks to provide aesthetic packaging that is both luxe and eco-conscious. With a commitment to the environment, we have been expanding our range of reusable and refillable products, like our mesmerizing eyeshadow palettes and special holiday collections, just to name a few. While minimizing our daily plastic use, we plan to implement fully recyclable packaging design by 2025. As part of our efforts, our ongoing research has been focused on developing new packaging materials sourced from biodegradable ingredients, such as coffee grounds, tree bark, and corn.